Advantages to Elastomeric: Superior hide – Many times it will take less coats to achieve desired results. Waterproofing properties – Elastomeric paint can provide a waterproof system to the home if specifications are followed. Protects from wind driven rain – Strong wind driven rain can harm paint coatings. Elastomeric paint is designed to withstand this more so than typical house paints. Bridges hairline cracks – Often stucco will begin to crack. Elastomeric paint will fill these hairline cracks

Elastomeric Coating

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Elastomeric Coating is a high solids Membrane coating formulated for use on masonry, concrete, prepared vinyl and aluminum siding, properly primed metal and primed wood. Elastonumeric coating is a excellent choice for its elongation properties, even at low temperatures, This make it the coating of choice for hairline or “spider web” cracked surfaces. It moves with the building, expanding and contracting to maintain a waterproof barrier. The high elongation and recovery properties allow this product to bridge cracks up to 1/16 inch. Elastonumeric coatings has excellent weathering and color retention properties and contains a fungicide for added mildew resistance on the dried film.