Super Summer Calgary painting special!

Have you been thinking about getting your home painted on the inside or outside? Until the end of summer were having a painting special discount. When it comes to Interior and exterior painting, we are the experts and if you ever need me help don’t hesitate to contact us. Calgary painting Special Sale More Customer Reviews “Roberts Service was great, he came to our house on time, the job he did was amazing. Would definitely use your service again. In fact, I am a repeat customer. This is my fourth time hiring Robert to paint for me .– Barbara M-Calgary. “I can’t say enough great things about Calgary painting company. They were so professional and great with me. The paint job afterwords were just amazing and especially the trim, I couldn’t have done it myself to the quality that they did. The process was really easy as well from the phone call to the quote to getting the job done. Even my husband Dave was impressed. I want to get the whole house painted now because the room they did makes the rest of the whole house look undone.– Judy w. Okotoks “Amazing job completed quickly. thanks!– Rob W. Calgary “Robert was wonderful! He was so fast and friendly. She showed lots of care in the edges and clean up. He was honest and i would definitely go with your company again.– Bonnie F. Calgary “My husband and I are very happy with the results!– Marsha O. Airdrie “Very prompt and professional Service– Jason P. Calgary “job well done, highly recommended.– Bob W. Calgary I’ve use of the service companies before hand in general, I must say I was very impressed with Robert Mather. He just has a way about him that lets you know that he is actually concerned with and involved in your job. I am happy to … Continue reading

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Interior paint ideas – Four color Myths and why to bust them!

The four interior paint ideas that follow go contrary to some of the interior design, or misinformation I often hear on the job… I’m sure you’ve heard some or all these myths too. As you learn and explore more about the world of interior design colors, you will come up with your own interior paint ideas and, many of those ideas will fly in the face of color dogma you’ve heard over the years. Calgary Interior paint ideas Hold your ground!! You’re learning Interior design color principles and your eye will tell you when your paint colors work. Let’s take a look at the four of the most common interior design, myths… Why you should ignore them… And, some alternative interior paint ideas that really work! Myth#1–my room is so small: colors on the walls will make it even looks Smaller. Reality – – as far as perception of size goes, only extremely dark color is going to make a big difference. If you have some interior paint ideas that include light pastels for smaller rooms go for it! I recently read a color design study done with two identical rooms – – mirror images of each other. One was painted off white, the other a pretty sage green. A number of people passed through both rooms and were then asked for their opinions. The overwhelming majority didn’t notice the smallness of the green room at all… But, almost all preferred the green room to the cold, naked off white room… So why sacrifice style? Designer tip: an interior paint idea that will make a small room feel larger is to paint adjacent rooms is in color. The effect is a spacious feeling as the borders between rooms disappear. Myth #2– My windows are too small… There isn’t enough natural … Continue reading

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Tips on how to remodel smaller bathrooms to make them appear bigger.

Small bathrooms are hard to work with for the reason, well they are small.  nevertheless there are some things you can do to make them look more cozy and more spacey. Every time you watch any show on HGTV, the simplest way to make the bathrooms look bigger are the following: First of all paint, light colours either white or soft hued colours. Simply put, darker paints make rooms appear more enclosed. Light is unable to travel efficiently, making the boundaries of the room appear dearer than they truly are. When you use pastels, you allow light to reflect off the walls and travel further, increasing the visible area. You can never go wrong with your walls painted a white or off-white. However if you would like some colour, I highly recommend that you leave one wall white or light, namely the furthest one from the door. It will also help to place white or off-white combinations of porcelain tiles as the backsplash of the shower or tub area, which generally speaking is usually the furthest from the door. Tips on how to remodel smaller bathrooms to make them appear bigger Modern looking sinks are also really important, but make sure you don’t install one that is too big for the bathroom. A smaller sync arrangement is better. A nice looking cabinet as your medicine cabinet for your toiletries, could be a nice looking medicine cabinet or on custom shelf above the toilet. Custom shelving on the same well to make sure there is nothing on the floor will also increase floorspace. Mirrors in small bathrooms are also very important,  a large meter can definitely give the appearance of more room in the bathroom and will create the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it truly is. if your … Continue reading

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House painting ideas to rejuvenate your Calgary home!

Every homeowner will take on the job of painting and decorating as an essential part Preserving the castle. Either by preference or necessity, not only owners but renters and owners will take on this job as well. Painting the interior home can rejuvenate the look so that your pride and joy takes on a whole new life. One of the major challenges over the course is doing the job properly, every homeowner or renter that has gone through the process of painting realizes that it’s: Super time and labor intensive. If you’re not a professional painter generally speaking the work that you do will not turn out to be anywhere near as nice as someone who is professional ( splotches on the wall and the ceiling from the roller) The possibility of spilling paint on the floor carpet. It just doesn’t look professional with a huge amount of touch-ups to do at the end. There is a economical way to get the interior and the exterior of your home painted. At Calgary painting company we are experts in interior and exterior home painting and we won’t break the budget. You can get various ideas for magazines, books and other individuals colour scheme for inspiration. Another great source of inspiration is watching HGTV, they always have great ideas on how you can renovate and decorate your home. If there are sure rooms thereby you can take inspiration from them, the Calgary home and Garden show is also a great thing to go to. Exterior home painting ideas As soon as you Have chosen the right painting idea take note that the body, the trim, the accent colors and colors of the gutters, Windows, gables and other exterior areas correlate through do not necessarily need to be identical in colour schemes. four … Continue reading

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Theme for a girls room – how to make your princess happy!

Let’s face it for any parents who have girls when they are young they are always your little princesses. once your little girls start to grow up though you have to give her the baby designs. No matter how much you wanted to stay little they are going to grow up, and along with that going come the beginnings of opinions. Theme for a girls room One theme that you use a little girl’s room is The sugar and spice theme. To create this kind of room all you need to do is choose pretty colours, pastels and the ones chosen most often for little girls room. Then you will simply need to select things that represent your little girl being a little girl. For example, you can choose butterflies and flowers as a design for the room or you can even combine the butterflies and flowers together to create a pretty garden. Once you’ve chosen the right design, you to stencil things on the wall or choose a border to place around the painted room. Most good painting and decorating stores will have stencils you can buy and with a little bit of luck you can create a painted room that will impress your little girl. At Calgary painting company, we specialize in these kind of things and we top everything off with soft and pretty colors. Another cute theme for a girls room is an ocean themed room. To make this room you will need to have some blue white paint, but you also need a sandy colored carpet. To get ideas on the colors you will use you want to look at ocean themed wallpaper or even ocean themed furniture. What you want to do is paint the walls of blue color, have the floor be the … Continue reading

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Interior painting ideas for your Calgary bathroom

The Color you end up choosing for your bathroom speak of your taste and your personality. This is because the paint color is considered the finishing touch to your home . You want to choose a  paint color that’s pleasant, not only can I bring out the beauty room, but also brings a character. You should take time to make sure that the painting contractor you hire uses the right color in every room of your house. The bathroom is a very important part of your home, every episode you watch on HGTV were they are renovating a home, the bathroom is always one of the places they spend a lot of money on for upgrades. It definitely adds resell value to your home. Here are a couple of tips when choosing the right kind of paint and color: The type of paint: even before you pick out colors, the first thing you should think about is the type of paint you want to use your bathroom. A key point to keep in mind is of the bathroom and there’s a lot of moisture and it’s a place that can harbor mold and mildew. Therefore, you should pick a paint that’s more resistant and water repellent. You might want to consider interior latex paint with a mildew inhibitor. Picking a color: The Color you choose depends upon your preferences, however most people, (once again when you look at all the episodes on HGTV) generally speaking they always choose a lighter color to make the bathroom look bigger. Of course if you do have a bubbly personality and decide to go with other bright true colors other than a white or off white. One factor to think about is a size your bathroom and make sure you don’t overlook that. If … Continue reading

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Calgary Paint enhances the beauty of your home

HGTV is all the rage nowadays I love watching it, and the seated transformations in the houses. In my opinion nothing transforms a house as much as a new paint job. Paint increases the beauty of your home as it is the fact that a home painted with a right selection of paint color looks more elegant. Everyone pays a particular attention regarding the beautification of home and particularly women want that their home look unique, beautiful, and graceful. To get the goals they do whatever they can but sometimes you miss some small things which can give you a great result like painting. It should be considered one of the most important steps regarding the beauty of your home. You have a wide range of colors for selection, you can select the best color as you want your home look. Calgary paint If your home is painted well it will attract the attention of all the people, painting plays a vital role in the attractiveness of your home. Some people have the nature that that can’t stay constant they want to change the way their home look after a short time. For such people painting is one of the best options which gives a totally new look to your home and you feel like you are in a new place with different settings. The selection of an appropriate color according to your requirements and the way your home painted decides how your home will look. So you can’t deny the importance of painting. Paint is not a simple art, a skilled team is needed to paint your home in an efficient manner who knows well how to fulfill the major painting requirements. And if it’s about the interior painting then the issue becomes more sensitive you can’t take a … Continue reading

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Calgary Painting Company

If your home is due for a paint job or if you are moving into a new home and need it painted then hiring the services of a professional painting company can help to take some of the stress and strain off of you. In this way you can utilize the experience, knowledge and skills of those who are proficient in this field and who do this type of work for a living. As a Calgary painting company, Ram decorating can do everything from the surface preparation for the painting to the clean-up at the end. When it comes to choosing a painting company that will give your home the overall elegance and beauty. Be particular about your choice to painting contractors and make sure that you compare the same prospective paint projects. In the same way you need to be specific about when you would like the work to be done, the gloss level and color you are interested in and so forth. To find the company that is right for your home you need to narrow your focus. Get as many quotes as time allows. Speak with several contractors and find out what each one has to offer you. No matter how nice a contractor seems over the telephone or in one-on-one conversation getting quotes down on paper is a must! You need to be as clear as crystal about what the proposed painting process will be. Review the details with the members of the painting company. What you want to be aware of is what will be done with every surface in your home that requires painting. What this entails is the surface preparation, the priming (which takes into account the brand of primer as well as type of primer) and the finish coats. The finish coats … Continue reading

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Dining Rooms: Time to shake things up

Having a great looking dining room really makes a big difference in your home. From all the shows you seen on HGTV, sometimes a new paint job can be the ultimate fix to your old tired looking dining room. Got a country home or cottage lime green is way to go! Soothing blues and matching furniture create this wonderful 3-D Effect that will make your dining room stand out! Burgundy a natural wood make this elegant dining room a smashing success. Classy but elegant, chartreuse is A great way to accent a wall. This formal dining space doesn’t let formalities keep it from being fun. Mint green walls and a lacquered green dining table provide a chic contrast to orange leather chairs. Can you say tangerine?  I know you can! If you ever need any assistance with painting inside or outside your home or with stucco give me a shout! Robert http://www.calgarypaintingcompany.ca 403-851-2345

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Why should you hire Ram Painting Calgary

Painting a room or the entire house can be a big and challenging project, and a situation in which you have 2 options. You either opt to do everything on your own, something that can cost you a lot of time and money, or you can hire Ram Painting to help you, a professional painting company that will help you get the job done a lot faster, with better results and in an affordable manner as well. But are there any benefits that come from hiring Ram Painting and how can they help your business? Professionalism When you try to do this project on your own, you have to deal with many unknowns that will hamper the process as a whole. Ram Painting is a company that has a team of professionals which will help you determine which is the best type of painting you can use, what type of coating is needed based on the walls you have and other similar stuff. You just can’t acquire this level of professionalism on your own or with an unlicensed contractor, and this is why Ram Painting is a great solution in this regard. Saves time Hiring Ram Painting will help save a lot of time because they are experts in this industry and know exactly when and how to do. Painting on your own can lead to a loss of time and frustration, not to mention that the results might not be the best in the end. This is why it’s a very good idea to work with a professional, especially if the project is time sensitive. Great results With Ram Painting you don’t have to worry about bad results, because there aren’t any, instead you always manage to get the best outcome and stellar results at all times. The quality … Continue reading

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